Friday, January 27, 2017

Small steps

We signed the realtor agreement, are pondering sale pricing and getting so close to our house being toured by strangers (and I'm sure the neighbors will all tromp through during the open house) so we are fine tuning our decluttering, rearranging and cleaning.

Went through the shed and put some items out on the curb for others to take. A car stopped before I even got them all there. Got to love curbside recycling.

The photos are off the refrigerator. I am startled each time I look at it LOL. It is so blank.

Removed from the coat closet door the hanging shoe organizer we used for hats and gloves. Hubby decided he could part with his worn out baseball hats.

A few more cans of stuff out of the basement. Disagreement over a couple of things so will revisit.

I am pondering how to hide any paperwork with SS# or other identifying info as well as legal documents. A friend has volunteered her house as a storage area but some things we may need to reference. If you have solved this when selling a house please share your ideas/solutions!

Onward today with more small steps.


  1. Under the bed storage? Since they aren't buying the furniture, they probably won't inspect that closely. Or you could lock it in your car trunk.

  2. Hadn't considered either of those - thanks!

  3. Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  4. Office supply stores should have some sort of legal size locking storage box that you could use for personal papers that need to be accessible. You could then put this under the bed or in a dresser drawer. We had a locking file cabinet in our office that we used but something smaller would have worked.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. We do have a fire safe but it is portable. We have decided on a combo of storing the most critical things at a friends house and hiding some things here that we may need access to.


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