Sunday, December 11, 2016

11 weeks and counting: To selling our house that is

We are in the midst of remodeling the main floor bathroom now.

It has been demolished and new plywooed sub floor put down. The sink outlet has been converted to a GFC outlet. The tub and toilet have been delivered. Progressing faster than anticipated and not bad surprises such as termite damage or wood rot. The original house was built in 1940 so you never know what you will find once you start opening things up but we were fortunate that there aren't any problems. The plumber is scheduled for Monday and the tile person for Thursday. The dog is coping well and the rest of the house except the family room is operational which is the entry for the construction workers. Yeah!

Moving is starting to feel like a very real thing.


  1. I'm no economic prognosticator; but still, it seems like this spring will be the perfect time to sell your house -- interest rates still low, but people think they are going up so they will want to buy sooner rather than later, and besides, who knows what will happen next year or the year after?

    1. Hoping so! That is why it is going on the market 6 weeks earlier than we had initially planned.


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