Saturday, November 12, 2016

Rebuilding my Wardrobe: What do I really need for Fall/Winter?

I am ready to stop experimenting with purchases and buy carefully to have a wardrobe that works for all my lifestyle situations. I am carefully examining what I own and doing a ruthless wardrobe purge too. Out with anything that doesn't fit my current body or my Colorful Casual Chic style.

Mid November I made this shift and am swearing off random shopping. I took Mette's 5 Year Shopping Calendar  and am modifying it as I go with what I am actually buying. So the first step is to see what I am actually missing from my current wardrobe and/or what needs replacing. Then I can add in what I would like to add or replace.

Do any of you read The Vivienne Files? Janice has been doing a multi-part post on how to build a capsule wardrobe. I thought I'd give it a try with my current lifestyle in mind and with my planned 3 week trip to CA in late February & early March to celebrate my FIL's 90th, buy a house and take care of our new granddaughter for 2 weeks. Whew.

First step was to take what I have and follow Steps 1-5 of Janice's plan. Jewelry is not shown but I have been stocking up on it these last few months so have lots of choices and no needs. I'm not including sleepwear.

My closet is in much better shape for cool weather than for hot or transitional. Perhaps that reflects that summer clothing has to be washed more often so it wears out faster or that we have many more months hot/warm weather where I live now than we do of cool/cold weather.

I'm happy with the colors I have now although all the items don't fit as well as I would like and/or aren't the style I am aiming for, but mostly I have enough clothing. Just a few shopping priorities and a list of wants to replace some things. The photo colors aren't exact of course due to the vagaries of lighting and my phone camera.

To start, here is what I cobbled together for today. I am using my summer tanks as under layers until I can buy some.

Pants: Olive and greige slacks along with 4 pairs of jeans; charcoal, dark wash and 2 pairs mid wash. Boring but useful. I would like a pair of warm dressy slacks.

Note: I have 2 pairs of mid wash jeans but one photo.

Toppers: Some color here! 4 cardigans and a light jacket. I need warmer cardigans and/or jackets for everyday and for dressier occasions. I would like to get a warmer, stretch jacket to substitute for the light weight one.

Tops: 13 of various weights and styles. I would like there to be more color. I have ordered 3 long sleeve t shirts (begonia, bright blue and hunter green - hoping they fit) and have a heavy burgundy tweed pullover an older medium weight pullover sweater which may be added/substituted. I need some camis/tanks to wear as an under layer to stay warm. A warm dressy top would be nice to have.


Scarves: 4 existing ones that will work. I've been buying accessories lately!
Shoes: 4 pairs of flats. I definitely need some warmer shoes that can be worn with socks. I have been ordering and sending shoes back with no luck so far.

Leisure Mini-Capsule: Sweatpants, yoga pants, walking shoes, fleece pullover, sweatshirt, vest, t-shirt. I may substitute/add a pair of hiking shoes, warm leggings and another long sleeve t shirt that I own and use mostly for Pilates.

Outerwear Mini-Capsule: Trench coat, fleece jacket, down jacket, gloves and hat. As the weather changes I will add a heavier coat from the 2 that I own. I'm going to wait on buying a new winter coat unless I just happen upon a perfect one this year.

Also Rans: I have 3 older 3/4 sleeve tops and a skirt for funerals or other sober occasions along with a pair of taupe wedges that could be used as well.

SHOPPING CALENDAR: This has been helpful in creating my shopping list.

Priorities: Warmer shoes that can be worn with socks and go with jeans; camis/tanks for under layers, gloves, knit hat, and winter pajamas.

Wants: Dress slacks & a warm dress top OR a warm dress & tights, dressy blazer/jacket, replace purse, replace winter robe, one warm everyday neutral cardigan, an everyday stretch jacket to substitute for lightweight one, wool coat to replace 2 winter coats.


  1. Very impressive analysis - good for you :-)

    1. Thanks. I've already tweaked it a bit but this has been helpful.

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  3. People think fashion is all about looking good but believe me it is not, it expands your thinking process and impacts life. You have done a nice job, thanks for sharing.


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