Monday, November 14, 2016

20 weeks and counting: to selling our house that is

Yikes! The bath remodeling contractor had a client decide to delay until after the holidays so our project is starting in a week approximately. Waiting to hear back from the designer to make sure all of the materials will be in by then. We have no plans for Thanksgiving so this is fine and then it will be done.

We are dithering on the outside painting as our fence and carport aren't in great shape to start out with. Our realtor will come by this week and decide if they can just we washed which would save us money. Then on to getting a second estimate.

Just a little more painting upstairs and then that is done leaving the living room ceiling and touch ups on interior trim.

The tender care of our front yard landscaping in the face of an ongoing drought continues. The dying ground cover is about half cut back. Once most of the leaves have fallen we will spread compost, weed preventer and mulch and call it good.

Cleared out a stack of old framed paintings we don't want anymore and decide an end table that was a hand me down also is going. Less and less to move. More and more to buy to fit our new home.

We hired our cousin as our realtor in CA with the intention of buying a home in Leisure Village Camarillo when we are there at the end of February. We will be picking the best of what is available unless they are all terrible.

Lots of houses just coming on the market in our neighborhood which is odd timing. Perhaps concerns about the state of the economy after January? Who knows.

That's it!

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