Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Downsizing & Moving Update #5: Staging house to sell

One room finished - yeah! I may add a new bed coverlet and pillow shams or I may just pull out the ivory duvet and some extra pillows and pillowcases when the time comes to actually show the house.

I ignored some of the stager's ideas. No mirror for over the dresser and left the curtains up. Both ideas were to bring more light into the room. I did extend the curtain rods so most of the windows aren't covered by the curtains but the frames are old and a bit knarly so we really don't want to showcase them.

A mirror may be added once we remove the beveled one from the bathroom as part of remodeling it. I'm not sure one is needed though. What do you think?

Here are the changes in the guest room. The first photo in each set is the old set up/color and the second is the new. The 4th wall stayed the same. We had obviously already removed all of the books and decor on the book shelves and prepared the floor lamp to go.  Shifting furniture was easy. Painting over the terracotta wall was harder and a lot more time consuming!


  A dresser in place of book shelves to make the room look larger and brighter.

Smaller chair offers more contrast and visual interest.

 We liked the colorful wall. Now the bed seems to need additional color. Oh well.

 And the unchanged 4th wall.


  1. Wow! That second photo with the smaller chair and the chest instead of the bookcase really did make it look larger and airier. I would not have thought it would make that much difference. Good work!

  2. These photos look so good, you've done a fabulous job with the staging. If you wanted to add more colour to your bed all it would take is a cushion or two and maybe a throw rug, both of which you may have somewhere else in your home.

    I didn't realise there were actual staging tips; I'd love to apply them to our home in general, because who doesn't want a airier, lighter, bigger looking home :)

    1. Yes, there are actual staging ideas and professionals. We hired a stager to walk through and make recommendations - some of them we already knew but others were additional ideas. We have until this coming April to make it ready.

  3. Without the red wall the bed looks like it could use a headboard. I've seen some I like in the Pottery Barn catalog but they are expensive and anyway, you're trying to get rid of stuff not acquire more.
    How about hanging that colorful picture over the small chair by the window over the bed?

    1. I agree with you and that is why we painted the wall in the first place! Thanks for the suggestion. I am thinking perhaps colored pillow shams but will come back to decorating down the road.

  4. Our house sold with NO headboards. We off set the bed in the corner. :)