Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Strategy for increasing retirement savings

Anyone else want to try this with me? Take a purchase pause

We are spending a lot of money right now - just finished vacation, this weekend's entertaining of visitors, home improvements ...

I think I need to decide what else is truly necessary and what is optional. I like her idea about writing down each thing you think of purchasing and the cost and then not buying it for a set period of time. I am going to try for 90 days!!! Yes, the whole summer.

On a different topic, I found new homes for the book shelves and chair that need to leave our house. A neighbor is delighted to upgrade her book shelves and the chair is going either to someone moving to town without furniture or a guest house for families of those in town for treatment of brain injuries. I am very happy.

I also am tickled that the interior designer I hired really gets both what we want to achieve in remodeling a bathroom for sale appeal and the need to save money doing it! I think it will be beautiful and fit the era and style of the house while being modern. I'll take before and after photos to share.


  1. If only ... it seems most of the money we spend goes for mortgage, taxes, utilities, insurance, car maintenance and the other necessities of life that are hard to cut back on. Although in cleaning out our basement I realize where we squandered a lot of our wealth: plastic toys and hardly-ever-used sports equipment for the kids!

    1. True for us too Tom. But just in the last 2 days I have wanted to buy a wall mirror, comforter set and Kindle book.