Friday, April 8, 2016

Allegies, stress, contractors and classes

Welcome to Atlanta in the Spring where we check the pollen count before engaging in any outdoor activity! We are really suffering this year but this morning I decided it is a cold type thing on top of allergies and oddly that makes me feel better about feeling badly.

I'm also acknowledging that I am stressed about moving, etc. Time to be kinder to myself. It hasn't helped that my husband has been in pain from a tooth problem and neck problems as well as allergies/cold problems. Well, we will just have to buck up I think.

On the preparing to move front we have had two contractors over and are waiting on estimates. We will have to replace two windows but found out we can just fix the third one (yeah!). The main floor bathroom redo will include a new tub and tile surround, new floor, new vanity counter top and sink. I am hoping we can reface the existing vanity to save money there. Since we are doing this to get top dollar in resale price and not to please ourselves, we are also going to hire someone to help us pick out materials for this renovation and make tweaking/painting/light fixture change recommendations for the rest of the house. Onward.

I started 4 senior university classes this week and like 3 of them. I took advantage of the one change per term option and switched the 4th one to something I hope I will enjoy more.

That's it here. What is up with you?

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