Monday, November 30, 2015

No Repeat November - Week 4 + 2 days of Shopping my Closet

The weather cooled down for a while just in time to enable me to finish this challenge. There was only one day when I wore house/yard work clothing all day but I changed for an evening out so that equals 30 different outfits. That evening out convinced me that the top didn't fit right and it is in the donate pile along with a blouse that has the same problem. Life is too short to wear clothing that is bothersome to wear.

I didn't take any photos during week 4 as we were busy enjoying a visit from a son and DIL. By the last 2 days of the month I was making combinations I hadn't worn before and I enjoyed them both. What I have realized this past month is that I stick with the same clothing combinations and need to mix it up more to fully utilize my existing wardrobe and not get bored.

During the month I wore 50 clothing items: 18 tops, 9 pairs of pants, 10 toppers, 4 scarves, 4 belts, & 5 pairs of shoes. I used the same purse each day. In addition I wore 17 pieces of jewelry, 5 different coats, 2 pairs of gloves and one hat. Our high temps fluctuated wildly from in the mid 70s to the high 30s making a month of layering and really two different seasonal wardrobes. That helped with making 30 outfits though.

Here are the outfits from the last 2 days to finish out November. The photo quality has the colors a bit off but I like both outfits.

I am going to keep working on new combinations from my existing wardrobe but not document them anymore. Shopping for clothing is a low priority for December as the only thing on my list is a pair of sweatpants LOL.


  1. Those are both great outfits! And it was really neat to have your company during this challenge. I totally agree with you that life is too short for bothersome clothes!! Have a wonderful holiday season.

  2. I've enjoyed seeing how you have been creating different outfits for this challenge. I agree with Jeanine that these are great outfits on you!