Thursday, October 8, 2015

Project 333 October Capsule Wardrobe: Week 1 of 4

As regular readers know, I am working on evolving my wardrobe to only have items that fit well, match my style (California wine country casual), are in my colors and work in multiple parts of my admittedly casual lifestyle.

Fall is fleeting here with summer continuing to pop up in October and cold weather can hit by mid-December. Of course that is Atlanta cold, not real cold.

So for the first week of Fall (self declared to be the first week of October I wore 21 items that count in Project 333 in addition to 2 workout outfits, one grubby yard/house work outfit and 2 sets of sleepwear. I am demoting one pair of jeans and a zip sweatshirt to yard/house work so at 19 items I'm quite a bit below the 33 items of Project 333.

Still that includes a jacket, 2 cardigans, 5 tops, 3 jeans/pants, 3 pairs of shoes, a purse, 2 necklaces and a bracelet. I know I'd get terribly bored if I didn't add other options so I'll bring those in as the weeks go by and our weather evolves.

My favorite "nice" outfit this past week was a sparkly yellow tank with the tiny diamond necklace made from an great-grandmother's antique earring, patterned olive slacks, and ivory cardigan for book club evening. One of my friends commented that I looked like I had lost weight. Since I haven't I'll take that as an indication of how wearing the right clothes helps!

My favorite "everyday" outfit was a striped 3/4 sleeve top, medium wash jeans and the wide bead bracelet for some sparkle.

I'm not so sure how I feel about these thrifted tangerine jeans, but I'm playing with them to see if they stay. This week I wore them with the gray top and orange pendant plus the ivory cardigan from above as needed.


Looking ahead let's play with those tangerine jeans! Feedback please!

In the past I've also tried pairing them with this ivory lace top plus the belt shown above, dangly bronze earrings and the ivory cardigan if needed.

What do you think of them with this warmer darker gray top?

Lastly, I'm wondering if adding this same color blouse with the ivory cardigan is a workable look?

To finish up the 19 items in my Fall capsule wardrobe so far also included basic blue and black tops plus a black cardigan. Add in an olive windbreaker with a hood, 3 pairs of loafers (black, stone and navy), a purse, and a belt and that is my Fall capsule so far.



  1. Every outfit looks great to me. I wonder about brown with the tangerine maybe. I really need to clean up my wardrobe.

    1. You are very kind - thanks! I have been learning to haunt consignment and thrift shops so I can experiment with colors and styles without feeling like I need to keep the clothes a long time and that is helping me have fun with it again.

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  3. My to do list this week includes working on figuring out my wardrobe and the look I want for fall. This post helps tremendously!!

    1. Glad it helped but I am curious how it did so? Good luck with your fall wardrobe!