Monday, September 14, 2015

Happy dances for the week of September 6th

I was happy to see this critter in our back yard Friday morning and even happier to see it before I stepped there! It is well camouflaged. I wonder what they eat? Love that they have red eyes and definitely look at you.

A lovely lunch with a friend. Always good company but what I realized made me extra happy was that we started telling parts of our life story to each other. It is so important to have friends you can share your story with.

I learned that the Friends of the Library book sale on the 6th raised $6400 for the library! That is $1000 more than we made on the sale at the same time last year.

The spot on my nose I was concerned about is a broken blood vessel and not a lesion according to the dermatologist. Since it was right next to the scar from a previously removed carcinoma that makes me very happy.

1 comment:

  1. Good news abt. the spot on your nose. These things are always worrisome. I like your turtle!


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