Sunday, September 6, 2015

Happy dances for the week of August 30th

Lots of happiness this past week!

- I turned 66 on Tuesday and am very happy that I am feeling pretty strong and energetic. We celebrated early so I spent the day thrift shopping and going to my regular Pilates session which I am so grateful to be able to afford. I may switch to Barre classes though when I have used up my prepaid sessions.

- I have been freezing bananas that slip past the eating point and made a batch of banana muffins one cool morning. I am happy to be able to run the oven again without making the air conditioner run overtime. The dog was happy because the recipe only uses egg whites and she got an egg yolk doggy omelet for brunch.

- Wow, we were crazy busy at the Friends of the Library book sale on Saturday and almost sold everything which is my goal. I don't know how much we made yet as there wasn't time for the treasurer to count the money. At the end of the sale which is outside we were all tired so we stuck the money in the library safe and went home. We weren't sure what the impact would be of the Decatur Book Festival setting up tents in the street in front of the library - and right in front of our sale - but it seemed to increase our business which is good!

- When I took my lunch break during the sale there was a line out the door at the restaurant where I usually grab a sandwich. Since I was by myself I went into one I had been wanting to try and sat at the bar to speed things up. I ordered something I used to eat as a child - a BLT and man was it delicious. Turns out they use garden grown tomatoes and it tasted just like my childhood memory. I am so glad to have happy memories of my Mom triggered as I seem to still be mourning her death over a year later.

- Speaking of my Mom, my brother closed the last account for the trust we inherited and sent me a check for half splitting it down to the penny. I am so glad we worked on settling the estate so cooperatively and the experience strengthened our relationship as we interacted so much more frequently than we had in the past.

What made you happy last week? Are you looking forward to happy events?


  1. How wonderful, Juhli! What a week you had :-). What made me happy? Finally spending a Saturday around the house and dd-13 cleaned a huge part of our kitchen cabinets :-).

    1. What a kind thing for your dd to do! That would make me happy too.

    2. (Well, I did pay her a lot of money to do it...)

  2. Happy belated birthday! I saw that you made oodles of money at the booksale :)


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