Sunday, June 14, 2015

Preparing to move: Home repairs & improvements

We have just under 2 years to go until my Husband retires from his current job and we relocate across the country. We are judiciously making the home repairs and improvements required to put our house on the market. A lot of work by a good crew and a big check later this one is done.

The main part of our large lot is flat but we own a small portion of the wooded area that runs behind the houses on our street. We have to have access and the house came with two sets of stairs built out of railroad ties held in place with rebar that stuck up. They worked for us for 18 years but the main ones were no longer safe. There was also some debris that had been used as a retaining wall - steel drum, sheet metal, bedframe, etc. Then there was a useless and rotting fence between the two sets of stairs. We fixed one set of stairs and had retaining walls built. Now it is safe and more attractive although not visible from our house. Bonus: the shed won't fall down the hill!

Onward with routine maintenance.


  1. I'm impressed with how much you're thinking ahead ... anyway, handsome wall!

  2. Less than 2 years until the house goes on the market and we didn't want to break an ankle in the meantime!

  3. Good for you Juhli! It looks great and well-planned ahead :-)

    1. Thanks. Here people expect houses that are for sale to be in pristine condition even if they plan to redo much of it. Painting will be last minute but we are replacing landscaping and doing other things now. We will need as much for our house as we can get to pay for our next home in the expensive California market.

  4. Nice! Sensible and stylish!


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