Thursday, June 4, 2015

Practicing Lagom (Enough, sufficient, adequate, just right) to increase my contentment

My Swedish ancestors should be happy although I'm not sure the concept existed in their era when they were fleeing famine and betting it all on a new life in the USA.

Anyway, I am really trying to keep the definition of lagom at the front of my mind as I make decisions about spending money, spending my time, spending my energy.

Today I needed to replace the dog's leash as the hooking mechanism is not working right and we are concerned that it will come loose. She has what I have to say are the cutest and most appropriate for her collar and leash that we bought for quite a lot of money when we adopted her and went rather crazy in the pet store. We will clearly need an intervention if we ever have a grandchild LOL.

Anyway, her set is a squirrel decorated collar and matching leash. Little did we know how squirrel obsessed she was when we picked it out. I went to the company's website and came very close to buying a new, equally cute set for $70 plus shipping - but, she only needs a new leash. Hmm, replacing the same one she has is $48 plus shipping. Maybe I could buy it at our nearest pet store and save the shipping. Yes, they are listed as carrying the brand. So I went to the store and fortunately for our pocketbook they didn't have them.

As I browsed I thought about what I really needed and there was a brown leash that would match her harness (dog fashion being important of course) and it rang up at under $12. Is it enough, sufficient, adequate, just right? Definitely. She sniffed it and then raced to the door for her walk because that is after all what is really lagom! In addition, the money I spent on lunch with a friend today and will spend tomorrow for lunch with another helps me reach lagom in social interaction/friendship building which is clearly a higher priority than a decorated leash. Bonus: She is still wearing her squirrel collar that makes me smile and she is her entertaining self as usual.

In the same line I keep reminding myself that I need to take care to keep a supply of library books at home to satisfy my reading passion. Lagom is having one to read at ALL times so I don't resort to buying them to get my daily reading fix.

I'm not sure if this fits but my attempt to bring music back in my life is proceeding well. I've enjoyed some CDs that I had forgotten we owned. I've got two suggestions for free music streaming - Pandora and Google Play Music. I will explore both. I also realized as I sorted donated CDs that we will sell for $1 each at the next Friends of the Library book sale, that I should bring home all that looked slightly appealing and listen to them. I haven't taken my $5 worth of free books/CDs at the last two book sales and certainly I can find 10 that will be lagom! I'm listening to one right now that I am enjoying a lot. Curating a collection that I actually listen to plus a source of streaming new music that fits what I like and I will be all set!


  1. It is a temptation to indulge in unnecessary purchases. We are getting a puppy in a few weeks and I, who have renounced purchases of clothing for myself, am tempted by puppy accessories. If I want to have enough money for more travel in retirement, lagom is essential.

    1. Oh, a puppy - how fun. I'd focus on training and socializing and not accessories except for the basics. Have lots of fun with your new family member.


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