Monday, May 4, 2015

Bugs, pollen, wood rot and our great outdoors clean up

Well now that was fun!

Hubby spent the weekend painting over the patching he did to fix the wood rot in some siding. The paint doesn't match quite but will keep the siding safe from further rot until we have to whole house painted to sell it.

I sprayed the entire lot for mosquitoes and tried to prepare the BBQ to make shish kebabs. When I opened the lid to get the grills out to wash though a hoard of ants scurried to carry eggs to safety. The entire thing has been "marinating" in bug spray overnight and one of today's tasks will be to wash it all very thoroughly.

Today I also get to scrub one of our two sets of patio doors and screen doors. We wanted to open it this past weekend to help air out the house now that it has warmed up but there was so much pollen embedded in the screen and track that we thought better of that idea. The other door and screen isn't as bad so it will wait for another time.

If I have time I will get out the patio chairs and table and scrub them as well, prune, spray for weeds and put down more weed preventer but that all may also have to wait. We have a very large city lot and lots of bushes and trees with wood chips instead of grass. It takes a surprising amount of work to keep it up which we were blissfully unaware of when we relocated from an arid climate.

I do have to admit though that it was lovely weather all weekend (finally) and we took advantage on Saturday by going out for gourmet tacos and taking a walk. We chatted about how we miss our Mother's and not having anyone to celebrate on Mother's Day when we came up with the idea of celebrating our 4 surviving Aunties. We stopped and bought cards and our hearts felt much better!

Hope you had a great weekend and are being able to enjoy the out of doors.


  1. Maintaining a home is such a chore! We need to get busy at our house. What do you use to spray for mosquitoes? I'm sure your Aunts will be very pleased to receive your cards. Hugs

    1. Oh yes, homes are demanding especially in this climate. I think my whole week will have some outdoor work each day on the list as we have no rain for a while. The patio door and screen are done as is the BBQ. Now we can see if it works or if repairing it is another item on the to do list LOL. For mosquitoes I spray the entire yard with Cutter Back Yard Bug Control concentrate that I put in a Dial and Spray container attached to a hose. Every 4 weeks keeps them down to a tolerable level.

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  3. Sounds like we had much the same weekend.
    I went out and began using the leaf blower on the back deck. It looked like it was a fine dirt. Started it up and a cloud of yellow covered me and everything else in the area! Such are the joys of a tree lined deck!