Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Healthier eating as we age - what to choose?

We have been looking again at our diet as we try to balance nutrition and food sensitivities, gout and different metabolisms. Just talking to others about what they are doing to be as healthy as possible makes the head spin a bit. One couple is doing Paleo and have lost weight and seen cholesterol levels drop dramatically. Another person is on a macrobiotic diet while going through chemo. Then there is the wine, beer, butter, meat and lots of good vegetables couple.

Our diet had evolved to limited dairy items (Greek yogurt and some cheese), soy milk, chicken/fish/pork, lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Due to my husband's gout we have eliminated beer and have white wine only when out to eat. Still we can improve. Too much coffee and breads although they are whole grain. An increase in vegetable quantity wouldn't hurt. We are not going to go to extremes but I need to get back some excitement around planning and cooking meals. I do see why my Mom was plain sick of meal preparation late in life!

I'm back to trying to include more vegetarian dinners in the rotation. Tonight it is kale and roasted vegetable soup from the Simply Recipes blog with fruit salad and cornbread. Tomorrow we are back to meat with a turkey meatloaf with sweet potato and at least one other vegetable dish.

Are you doing anything specific with your diet to maximize your health as you age?

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