Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Picky feet and restraint when shoe shopping

I ventured out again this morning in search of new shoes - about the 5th shopping trip I think and the first 4 were unsuccessful. Today I was too successful as I found numerous shoes that fit. They were comfortable for walking, didn't hit my ankle bone or rub the bone at the base of my big toe. They were in basic colors and acceptable prices. At one point I had 4 pairs lined up to buy including a pair of sandals that I wouldn't need until next summer.

The sandals went back first as I reminded myself that in all likelihood there would be sandals for sale next spring LOL. Then I thought about the pair of black loafers I had at home that were still fine for everyday wear and a similar pair went back. But I wanted a pair that wasn't black! No, dark brown isn't different enough but maybe I could find those in my size in blue on the internet - back they went.

That left on pair of black flats that actually were what I was looking for although a bit more casual but so comfy.

Then I came home and ordered the navy pair in my size. Happy feet, happy shopper, happy wallet.

No more shoe shopping until Spring!

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