Monday, August 25, 2014

Goal update 8/25

As you can see by the cross outs on the previous post my goals were more ambitious than my motivation was strong during this past week. There was also the weather factor for the yard work goals - it either was rainy or terribly muggy and I don't do humidity well.

I did do some things not on the list. Specifically, I went through all the packing materials in the basement, got rid of a bunch and fit the rest on shelves. I researched selling prices for the watches from my parent's house and some of my own unsold jewelry. I'll list on eBay when back from vacation.

So looking forward to this next short week (we leave on vacation on Friday) here's a short goal list:

  Volunteer once
  Coffee with a friend
  Go through Mom’s paintings

2. Go through other items on floor in study closet
1. Transplant more Nandina to bare spot
  Weed next to driveway
3. Prune large azaleas in front yard

1. Complete house clean
Vacation Prep:
   Complete items on travel checklist

I also made progress on my August goals with most of them completed.

1. DONE Spray for weeds/invasive plants in the wooded area on the next non-rainy day
2. DONE Prepare everything needed for Friends of the Library book sale that will occur while I am on vacation
3. DONE Make a pair of sleep shorts - bought thrifted pair of PJ pants and shortened them
4. DONE Transplant some plants in yard to area that needs more coverage
5. Go out to coffee (lunch, theatre?) with friends times 3 but not otherwise
    - FAIL on the not going out myself - I am a coffee addict and I love to get out of the house;   
    - DONE I had lunch with a friend, coffee with 2 friends and theatre with two friends.
6. NO PROGRESS Finish one of 2 paintings that has been in progress forever
7. DECIDED Decide what to make with fabric given for Christmas and get started - I have made a "muslin" (actually red poplin) of a sleeveless top using a free PDF pattern and it came out good enough that I am going to finish it off to wear. I'll make the same top and a skirt with the fabric I have.
8. DONE Resolve stacks of paper on desk
9. GOING WELL Eat dinner at home every day before vacation - so far so good except for one night after the theatre and Saturday night just because!

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    Can you baby boomers just hurry up and drop dead, please?