Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bark and lots of it

Yesterday I took the poodle princess for her morning walk and we encountered 4 other poodles in less than a quarter of a mile! She wanted to play with Dabney, the little chocolate mini poodle, who is such a friendly dog. If they had a fenced yard they would have such a great time as they have the same energy level. Then she ignored the gray standard poodle named Rufus - she knows him and he was on the other side of the street. But the white and black standards were of her same vigilant disposition and barked first I must say! So she showed them what she was made of and we moved on home.

More bark arrived in Hubby's car - 14 bags worth that he hauled to the yard and I spread on the bare spots. We need at least that many more bags to finish the targeted area and that was the third load as it is! A big back yard. We have no grass and southeastern neophytes that we were thought that was a good idea when we bought the house. Coming from the southwest who needs grass. Oh well, we just keep replacing the bark and weeding.

After that and after reading recipes in a wok cookbook that I brought home from the library I had little inspiration to cook dinner but I was craving Asian food. We went to our favorite Thai restaurant and checked out there expanded and redecorated dining space. It is lovely and much less crowded in the seating areas. They don't have new photos up yet on their website but we really enjoyed the new space and the food as always.

Today is focused on bits and pieces of catching up inside. Picking up, maybe a bit of cleaning, a run to the grocery store, some laundry, vacation preparation, etc.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

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