Friday, August 8, 2014

Clear the desk day is done

I was determined not to just move things around on the desk, but in fact to resolve each item/task.

I have put the money from the sale of my parent's house in the bank and then transferred some to a higher interest account, paid bills and mailed as needed, returned shoes that didn't fit to Zappos, written thank you notes, caught up on volunteer work, filed paperwork related to Mom's estate and shredded papers. I did leave some big project papers in the letter holder, but now there is work space.

This morning - the mess

Now - looking much better

I'm thinking each Friday needs to have a "clear the decks" project as the desk was this week. I tend to relocate things or do them part way so actually getting these done was great.

In addition I took the dog to the vet for her monthly shot, did 2 loads of laundry, called my husband's great-aunt, and walked the dog. Time to sit and read for a while!

I definitely made progress on my August goals so far this week with a third of them completed.

1. DONE Spray for weeds/invasive plants in the wooded area on the next non-rainy day
2. DONE Prepare everything needed for Friends of the Library book sale that will occur while I am on vacation
3. Make a pair of sleep shorts - bought thrifted pair of PJ pants and will shorten
4. Transplant some plants in yard to area that needs more coverage - too hot
5. Go out to coffee with friends times 3 but not otherwise - FAIL so far; I've gone out 3 times just this week by myself
6. Finish one of 2 paintings that has been in progress forever - no progress
7. Decide what to make with fabric given for Christmas and get started. I am stuck between another skirt and some kind of top vs. a summer dress - cut out a muslin of a possible top/now just need to make it and decide
8. DONE Resolve stacks of paper on desk
9. Eat dinner at home every day before vacation - so far so good!

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  1. How I love a clean desk - I just started over with a new office at work, and hope to keep up some good habits!