Monday, July 21, 2014

Persistence and a cheerful approach pays off

Whew! I finally found out why we hadn't received our state tax refund even though we filed on February 9th. We were selected for "random review" and I finally got to talk to someone in the review dept. who checked my arithmetic while I was on the phone and approved the refund. However, they can't seem to do a direct deposit although I gave them the info so it will be a paper check in 7 to 21 business days. I'll take it. I do wonder how long it would have taken though if I hadn't kept calling and asking where the refund was.

The cheerful approach part is that I know the workers I talk to are not the cause of the delay or my frustration so I am cheerful and thank them very much for their help. You can hear the uplift in their  voices after that. Just think how many disgruntled callers they deal with every day and try to be a bright spot while getting your business taken care of.


  1. I had to pay state tax this year. The agony ... the horror! But anyway, I'm sure glad I don't have THEIR job!