Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Help me plan my 65th birthday celebration

Just a little less than 3 months until I turn 65 on Labor Day (how appropriate, but some years it happens LOL) so it is time to do two things - sign up for Medicare and plan a trip to celebrate this milestone while visiting family since that is my favorite thing.

We have family in both ends of California so we will be most like heading there as we haven't been since the beginning of the year. The conundrum is that they are at both ends and our kids both have recently started new jobs so time off is probably not an option for them. That means seeing them on weekends and older relatives during the week. We have thought of 4 scenarios to handle this so far.

1. Ask the family in N CA to come to S CA for the weekend and all celebrate together followed or preceded by a side trip somewhere.

2. Go to visit one part of the family then and the other in about 6 weeks later.

3. Plan a long trip that includes two weekends and go somewhere else in the middle.

4. Go somewhere else in the country entirely - Santa Fe or New York City are thoughts.

We are stymied a bit as to where to go for our side trip if we go to CA as we have been many places in CA on vacation while living there for decades. We thought of Monterey as an option as it would be cooler. Palm Springs is an option if we go twice.

Ideas? How would you coordinate a trip like this? Where would you suggest going? I want it to be fun and not outrageously expensive.


  1. Congratulations on hitting that milestone. I think everyone meeting half way would be fun. I recommend Pacific Grove. It's right between Monterey and Pebble Beach. I lived there for over 30 years and raised my family there. It's gorgeous and much less trampled than Monterey or Carmel and might be less expensive. There are some lovely B & B's there. Hope you have a wonderful birthday. Rosy

    1. Sounds like a lovely idea and if we travel between the two kids we will look into staying there. Unfortunately they both have dogs so they bring them to each others homes when they visit. Fortunately we love both dogs!