Sunday, June 8, 2014

52 Projects Sunday and this week's accomplishments

Projects Completed:

19. Replaced all the door and drawer "bumpers" on kitchen cabinets as the originals had dried out after years of use.

20. Refashioned a thrifted summer shirt so I like it and will wear it

21. Sold my Mom's wedding/engagement rings, loose diamonds and some other estate jewelry. Tip: find a diamond broker to sell to rather than going to a jewelry store as they will buy a wider range of gems and pay more for the gold.

22. Replaced shower door "sweep" with one bought through internet after the local company I tried to use was unresponsive. The sweep is the vinyl piece that fits in the bottom of the door to keep the water inside and the old one was warped and grungy.

In addition to the above, I did the following.

- Ate all dinners at home - that is an accomplishment for us. Since we have company next week and will be showing them around and taking them out, this was a good week to stay home.

- We are now on the summer electricity rate plan which means rates are higher from 2 to 7 pm on weekdays. I have adjusted when I do laundry, run the dishwasher and use the computer to use the low rate time only. Nothing I can do about air conditioning, but I am opening the windows/doors and running the whole house fan in the morning if it is cooler outside than inside and not too humid. Also am using small fans to cool area where I am instead of turning down AC to a lower temperature in the afternoon.

- We stopped drinking beer and wine as a result of Hubby's gout and the research that shows not drinking and/or drinking very little beer can help prevent future episodes.

-  Bought a discounted gift certificate for a haircut and a CVS gift card for 10% savings on each.

- Submitted on-line application for Medicare Part A.

- Remembered to ask if had accumulated enough points for a free dog grooming and was far past number needed. Dog was groomed for free except for tip for the groomer.

- Let my sons and DILs decide what would work best for our family visit. They decided to all meet in Pasadena over Labor Day weekend so it would include my 65th birthday! We are going to rent a house through Airbnb so that the 4 of us who don't live there can stay comfortably. I am very happy.

- Used what I had on hand to wrap a bottle of wine for a retirement party gift.

Once again a combination of everyday savings and plans for large travel and entertainment expenses. As always trying to put our money where it means the most to us.


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