Friday, January 31, 2014

Feeling happy just because

I came home from walking the dog on a beautiful day and realized that I just feel happy and grateful for lots of small reasons.

1. My dog is feeling better and enjoying her usual activities
2. We have lots of books and media to sell at our Friends of the Library 2/8 sale and we are pretty much prepared. I hope to raise about $5,000 as usual
3. Lovely time with my book club friends last night. Almost everyone had read the book due to being snow & ice bound for two days. We didn't have the usual variety of food but there was lots of wine and conversation.
4. In 2 weeks we will be headed to the San Jose, CA area to see DS2 and DIL2 for a long weekend. Can't wait!
5. All is calm and relatively healthy across the country with my loved ones.

Hope you are having a wonderful Friday too.


  1. It is nice to hear when things go well!

  2. I'll second that! Enjoy your happiness. :-)