Saturday, November 30, 2013

No Black Friday here - Just the satisfaction of watching our pennies

I am quite willing to spend money on those things that bring happiness - special meals out, travel to visit family, vacations, pet care, good food, etc. I also like the challenge of saving money as possible without spending oodles of time doing it. Add in some creativity of making do or using research and problem solving skills and I am really enjoying myself LOL.

So some recent successes in shopping savings are to be noted.

- I recently ordered a pair of loafers exactly like the ones I have that are wearing out. I bought them online with free shipping for the same price I had paid a couple of years ago. No driving, no disappointment that stores were out of them plus I get shoes I know will make my feet happy.

- I tried buying a discounted CVS gift card from Gift Card Granny and it worked fine. An 11.2% discount just for waiting a week to have the card after buying it on line. Definitely will do more of this although I am going to wait until after Christmas as I think the discounts will go up from what they are right now as people buy them for holiday shopping.

- The hair salon I use sends out emails when they up their gift cards to a 20% off discount (vs. 10% every day) and then I buy an amount that I am sure I will use up in the 180 day window.

Thank goodness for the internet when it comes to researching and problem solving to save money.

- Recently I needed to either replace the sponge mop on our mop or buy a whole new one. I finally found that a nearby hardware store carried the replacement item I needed at a lower price than I could get it online. We struggled to remove the old one and get the new one on but we did it and given my rate of mopping are set for quite a while.

And in the creative make do category are these not so exciting to anyone else items.

- I lead a Friends of the Library group that has 3 used book/media sales a year as fundraisers. I am always looking at how to sell anything that is donated and for the upcoming sale am going to try selling the good fabric shopping bags that came in with book donations. We needed hang tags to price them and the smallest package would be $5. We also had a huge donation of origami paper that I packaged in plastic bags but a few pieces weren't of sale quality. I cut them, made a single hole and attached a piece of string from the stash of stuff in our basement. Free and they are just as good as bought ones.

- In addition I am going to try making an artist journal. I was going to use painting quality paper that I have but when I looked at my supplies found a stack of old album paper that already had two holes in the side. A piece of old ribbon tied it and now I will have my journal to play with.

What are your recent successes?

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