Friday, November 29, 2013

Hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving too

After my little bout of sadness on Wednesday I rallied and we enjoyed our day yesterday. A relaxing morning while Hubby raked leaves and walked the dog - yeah Hubby. Went to see the newly out movie "Nebraska" in the early afternoon and as Hubby commented you could either let it make you feel sad or see the humor in the story. He chose humor and so did I. Excellent acting and cinematography.

Then out to dinner at a nearby restaurant which was literally packed with people. We had reservations but some seats opened up at the bar where the same food was served for $19 less per person. I had a cocktail called Pilgrim's Progress because I thought the name was great. We prefer to sit there anyway at this restaurant and have done so on Christmas Eve for the last few years. Good food and no cleanup. We brought home enough for another meal with a few additions of sides.

Today Hubby has to work as he has lots to do and is the acting manager for 2 of the levels above him. He'll have a quiet day and I personally will be glad when his big project actually kicks off in mid-January and he can simply manage it rather than "herding cats" to get it ready to go. I think he'll be relieved too.

I'm going to take a long walk with the dog as the weather is warming up to where I don't mind being out. A bit of yard pick up post windy day, online Christmas shopping, chores, picking a new craft project, and reading.

How is your weekend shaping up?

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  1. Your Thanksgiving sounds perfect! I like the no cooking, no cleanup part.