Saturday, November 2, 2013

Joy from the small things - my happy list for this week

Apparently it doesn't take much to make me happy. Here is my list for this past week.

1. Read the final book in a series by Elly Griffiths - A Dying Fall - and she has a new one out in January.

2. Talked to one of my DILs.

3. Reduced our auto insurance by getting one car switched to "leisure use" since I no longer work and both of us completing an AARP online driver safety course (good for 3 years).

4. Made banana nut muffins and added chai spice mix that we had been given instead of the usual cinnamon and nutmeg. Came out very good and now I know how to use up the gift spice!

5. Decided to non attend planning meetings for an event and instead simply volunteered to do the task I have done the past two years. I tend to dread evening planning meetings LOL.

6. Found a great online source of information on events/activities in my area both free and fee - AtlantaPlanIt - don't you love the name too?

7. It is a great feeling to have our home inventory finished - and I don't want to acquire ANY more stuff!!!!

8. I was at the library on Halloween morning and most of the librarians were in costume - what fun!

9. The fall color is almost at its peak here and it is lovely to simply look at the yellow, red, and orange leaves.

10. The tulips I bought at Trader Joe's lasted for a full week and made me smile every time I walked by them.

11. After viewing two new exhibitions at the art museum Hubby said want to have lunch out - Yes, please.

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