Sunday, November 3, 2013

At least the computer clock changes itself!

The computer clock is the only one I didn't have to change as we leave daylight savings time behind. Feelings about this time keeping system that disrupts sleep patterns twice a year aside, I had to change 8 clocks in our house and I'm sure some of you had to change many more. We had two bedside clocks, a watch, thermostat, indoor/outdoor thermometer, stove, microwave and phone clocks in addition to the computer. Oops, there are also clocks in each car but we tend to leave those alone.

Interestingly, my Hubby doesn't wear a watch and rarely looks at a clock yet always knows what time it is plus or minus 5 minutes.  He can find his way around pretty well without directions too. Me? Not so much.


  1. The hard part is figuring out HOW to change those **&*@@*#* clocks!

  2. You made me think. We had to make 18 all together, including watches and cars. Holy moly!