Sunday, September 1, 2013

September low/no spend challenge not in the plans at our house

I can confidently say that it will truly not be a low spend September in our household. We have to pay property taxes, quarterly estimated income tax, my life insurance and our annual newspaper subscription along with regular bills like utilities, etc. I will also have some expenses related to my trip to visit my Mom and our book club weekend at St. Simons as well as hosting my Friends of the Library board for a celebration.

So what could I do to reduce our expenses. The usual variable categories and my coffee addiction rear their heads.

Groceries, household, toiletries - I've already decided to really work on this through including another store and possible the DeKalb Farmers Market where vegetables are less expensive. Perhaps it is time to start a price book and menu log - or not LOL.

Gasoline - I can cut down on my driving a tiny bit perhaps.

Eating out - My birthday is September 1st (Happy 64th to me) and what I want is a home cooked meal after the big library fundraiser book sale on Saturday, taking the dog to a park if the weather permits, and making progress on our plans to fix our shower - pretty cheap gifts and Hubby is already hinting at the dinner menu! If I can break the coffee and cupcake/cookie habit this would help here and make the gym pay off more LOL.

Clothing - No purchases planned.

Entertainment - No plans here although I'm sure Hubby will go to a movie or 2. I'll look for some no/low cost activities. A hike on the Beltline perhaps? Finally go to the Greek Festival?

Home maintenance - Nothing planned for September that will cost money.

Not much but then I always love September for the memories of back to school, the cooling weather, the sense of the earth getting ready to tuck in for the winter (in the N. hemisphere at least).


  1. We just got our school tax bill. But oh, S*#**, I forgot about estimated income taxes!

    1. It is easy to forget the dates! Our property tax bill include school taxes, fire, police, public hospitals, county operations, state property taxes, sanitation, storm water and street lights. I never looked at the details before LOL.

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a spendy month, but mostly necessities.

    1. I am grateful we can pay it all without hurting. I'm really looking forward to spending on some fun stuff with others as I am eager to socialize more.