Saturday, August 31, 2013

August wrap up and September mini-goals

Well August ends today and I'm ready to see how I did on my mini-goals for the month.

A lot of my goals were focused on technology out of necessity (both our computer and my cell phone quit). I got the new computer fully operational and the old computer recycled. I still need to select a backup system and a new genealogy program. I did the tutorials I needed for Windows 7 and Office 2013 and found I can't get my contact lists to sync between Outlook and Comcast. Oh well. I bought a new Tracfone and recycled the old one. I have the phone working although I need to enter more contacts and learn more of its features.

Health wise I did ok. I went to the gym 7 times which was very close to my goal of 2x a week. I walked the dog more than before. New prescription lenses were put in my old glasses making reading street signs at a distance easier. I scheduled a mammogram for September. We ate healthy dinners at home almost every day with just one dinner out.

I booked my trip to visit my Mom and have some plans for how to help assess her ability to continue to live independently.

I lucked out and found a source for tile to match the existing tile in the shower than needs repairing so we know we don't have to redo the whole thing. My goal of making a complete pruning and weeding circuit of our yard was thwarted by wet weather, but I did complete the front yard and made some progress in other areas.


1. Pick a computer back up system and install it
2. Pick a genealogy program and install it
3. Finish entering contacts on cell phone and learn the rest of its features

4. Gym 3 days a week except when out of town. Try a class for one day each week.
5. Make annual physical appointment
6. No cookies/cupcakes - sigh

8. Summarize info from retirement planning seminar attended in August in a decision tree format
9. Complete home inventory

Educational/Fun activities
10. Work on painting
11. Make Thanksgiving dinner reservation
12. Host Friends of the Library board celebration and make some fun hor dourves
13. Go to beach with book club and take some good food for my contribution

14. Clean kitchen cupboards
15. Decide on plan for fixing shower and identify tradesmen
16. Prune/weed/spray rest of yard


  1. Sounds like you're on schedule . . . and lucky to find that tile!

    1. I had to laugh when the tile salesman said they were making that tile before either of us was born! I don't find it particularly attractive, but thanks to the previous owners I can repair it.

  2. What a great list - it will feel good to start crossing those off!