Saturday, September 28, 2013

Continuing to ramp up my retirement

I think this past week was a good example of where I am with creating a full and meaningful retirement.

I spent one morning at OLLI classes and continue to be amazed at the poetry instructor. While I am there he makes me want to pursue learning all about Poe, Emerson or Dickinson. He must be around 90 and clearly has some physical challenges but he is so passionate about the subject! An inspiration.

Another morning was spent at the library working on donated books with my 85 year old co-volunteer. Another inspiration.

I went back to a tough (for me) exercise class and another day did a weight workout and walked the dog most days. My goal has settled on 4 times a week at the gym plus walking the dog a lot and doing stretches at home. I'm aiming to achieve that this coming week.

So I managed to learn something, contribute something and improve my health while having good social interaction. Not bad. The rest of the week's hours was spent on those somebody must do them chores and errands, reading, and chatting with Hubby.

Also to add in is creating something. I should start with finishing the paintings that are half done but that may not be it. I am also researching options for becoming active in either an artist or writer related group.

On the reading front, I highly recommend The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith aka J. K. Rowling. I couldn't make my way through her other new novel, The Casual Vacancy, but this was a page turning mystery that I hope has sequels.


  1. Good for you. My goal is seated aerobics twice a week and walking two days. No Olli class this semester but an online one on the Holocaust in literature. I will go back to in the classrom next semester though for the socialization.

  2. I was after socialization too as there are so many other ways to learn.

  3. I read Cuckoo's Calling last week, conveniently downloaded to my kindle. It was a good, solid detective story. Do you think she's starting a series starring Cormoran Strike? If so, I'll be reading it.

    1. I'm hoping she is doing a series. She certainly ended the novel in a way that begs for the next book!