Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What are the odds? I found a tile to match old shower!

We have been discussing how great it would be if we could find tile to match what is in our shower that was redone by the previous owners 20+ years ago - and today I found it! Now we have to see what kind of damage the plumber will have to do to fix a pipe bent by another plumber (long story but there are two shower heads so we have been able to ignore this for years by not using one LOL). We also need to find someone who will do a really small repair job on the wall and set in new tile although Hubby could do the tile work I think.

We have to fix this as part of preparing the house for sale in a few years. I'm trying to check off the little things as cheaply as possible.

Anyway, I'm just thanking the internet for helping me find the right tile and at a nearby store. They sent me home with samples of two colors and one is the match.

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