Friday, August 2, 2013

August 1st & 2nd progress on goals and the bigger picture in one area

One thing I didn't share when I listed my August mini-goals is that I am starting to go to the gym because I have decided to use the 13 months until I turn 65 to become much more physically fit. I want to be able to bike, run, jump, swim, hike - basically do anything I want to activity wise with ease. That is going to take some major muscle and aerobic fitness building. I'm not forgetting flexibility and balance either. And I'd like to have a lot more energy. I expect there will be inches and pounds lost in the process but that is not the driving force.

So I started at a women's only gym today and am happy with the evaluation and weight training set up. They also have classes I can use for the flexibility, toning, aerobic part of the journey and I will try those out to create a 4 day a week program hopefully. So if there are no more bumps in the health road I feel encouraged that I can meet my longer term goal.

I also put in 2 hours pruning and weeding this morning. I'm doing it by zones and the front yard is first. Working around this rainy summer means planning when to do yard work is interesting but I think August may be a bit drier and hope to at least make it around the entire yard. The wooded area will probably have to wait until September.

Yesterday I had my final cataract surgery follow up appointment and ordered new lenses for my old glasses. I realized on vacation that I needed help seeing freeway and street signs far enough in advance to change lanes, etc. The will also have a correction for very close or small work but basically be my driving glasses. Most of the time I won't need to wear glasses which is great!

Tomorrow we go to a play courtesy of our season subscription. And I planned a week of dinners and am sticking to it so far!

How have you kicked of this month?


  1. I look forward to hearing how your fitness plan is going! I will be starting a new job soon in a recreation centre that has a gym, pool and 2 ice rinks! (I will be working in the library, of course)

    1. Wow - what a fabulous recreation center! I love to ice skate and maybe I'll add that to the mix. I'm planning on doing the treadmill and weight circuit three times this week with no classes. I'll add in classes once I'm feeling less wiped out from that.