Monday, July 29, 2013

August mini-goals

Well, you might have guessed some of my goals for August as they relate to technology upgrades - having the new computer operating with all the files, contacts, etc. that were on the old one, learning how to use the newer versions of Windows and Office as well as deciding what to do about a cell phone. Another you might have guessed has to do with trying for more structure in my daily life by slotting things into a schedule. I'm going to start with gym attendance.

What are my goals:

1. New computer fully operational and old computer recycled
2. Complete tutorials on Windows 7 and Office 2013 (which finally got installed today!!!)
3. Pick a cell phone and plan and just do it; learn all its features
4. Sync my contact lists and calendars across Comcast and cell phone and possibly Outlook

5. Gym at least 2 days a week. I go for my set-up appointment on 8/2
6. Make annual physical and mammogram appointments
7. Plan dinner menus and stick to it
8. New lenses in old glasses. I will get the new prescription on 8/1

9. Attend Federal pre-retirement planning seminar with Hubby on 8/13. I turn 64 on September 1st and have to start thinking about Medicare options so this should help explain how our existing health insurance and Medicare work together.

10. Attend one play

11. Decide when to visit Mother based on feedback from Brother

House and Yard
12. Complete pruning and weeding circuit of entire yard
13. Look at options for retiling shower in master bath

I'll continue my same volunteer work once a year plus our Labor Day Weekend fundraiser.


  1. After 30-odd years punching a time clock (figuratively speaking) I'm not much on structuring my day. However, like you, I am a big list maker. That's how things get done in our house.

  2. I like your item "pruning and weeding circuit." I am due for one of those, too!

    1. Summer does make that a necessity. Our lot is huge and it takes days to get it done. Hubby and I both did battle this past weekend and just made a dent - sigh.