Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Watch where you step!

The day was going so nicely yesterday. I took the dog on a long walk first thing before it got too hot and she skipped and bounced the whole way; a happy dog. Did a little yard and housework. Went shopping for some replacement summer clothes and found two tops and a pair of capris. Read a bit. Played with my new iPhone trying to learn how to use it's features. Fixed dinner.

And then we decided to take the dog on a short walk. It was going fine until I stepped on a 3 inch long piece of branch, rolled my ankle and went down on the pavement. I remembered our dog sitters statement that no matter what happens don't let go of the leash and didn't. Anyway the dog turned around and ran over to see what happened to me.

I had forgotten how much scraped knees and elbows can hurt! Hubby took the leash, helped me up and home, helped me clean and bandage the wounds and provided appropriate sympathy. I took ibuprofen and put ice on my ankle and this morning I am fine except for the scrapes and even they look pretty good.

I am reminded about a story our son told us after he had knee surgery and started physical therapy. He had done a number on his knee his freshman year of college by slipping on some wet grass while playing intramural soccer. He came home from the first PT session amazed that one of the older adults starting at the same time had required knee surgery after tripping while walking her dog.

So, while I was lucky I'm taking this as a good reminder. No matter how hot it is, put on the athletic shoes when walking the dog not the sandals. When walking around brush or other debri helpfully piled on the sidewalk by laze homeowners, assume that there will be smaller pieces as well and tread carefully.

The irony is that the experts say you are more likely to fall if you walk looking down at your feet. So I always stand up straight and look further ahead. Still stuff happens and I know I am lucky that nothing was seriously injured.


  1. I've had friends do the same thing!! Take care of those wounds.

    1. Thanks, I am. It takes me back to learning to ride a bike and scraping my knees as a kid LOL.

  2. I have fallen twice while walking the dog...once on ice and once on an unleveled sidewalk jutting up. Both times hurt like the dickens and I was thankful nothing broke...especially when landing with weight all on one arm to break fall. In both instances it was revealed Rockefeller is not Lassie.

    1. Oh, I love your last line! I got a good chuckle out of it. Glad you weren't hurt either time.