Thursday, June 20, 2013

One Success & More Plastic and Food Links - Setting Priorities for Action

We've had one clear success in eliminating plastic from our food.  I recently bought Westbrae Natural Vegetarian Unsweetened Ketchup which comes in a glass bottle instead of Hunt's No Salt Added Ketchup which comes in plastic. The new one is tasty and healthier too as it has no added sugar although it does cost more and have a bit of sodium. One food item checked off!

Let's narrow down our priority actions related to Plastic and Food.

This article from the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program of Kings County, Washington says to dispose of all "7" plastic containers and older clear hard plastic items that touch food. It also says plastic labeled "1", "2" or "5" do not contain BPA but you should still throw away or recycle any scratched or cracked ones . It also mentions that cash register receipts contain BPA so you should wash your hands after touching them! BPA in Plastic Bottles, Food Containers, etc.

Then there is this article (12 Tips to Reduce Food Contamination from Plastic) that says "1" plastic (PET) can lead to chemicals migrating into your food if the plastic gets hot. It also talks about the need to avoid other plastic based food containers.

Or look at this Rodale article on How to Freeze and Store Food Without Using Plastic

So what am I going to do?
- Never microwave anything in plastic of any kind
- Go through our existing plastic containers and food prep items and remove any "1"s & "7"s and any that are scratched
- Wrap meat/fish in aluminum foil before putting in freezer bag or buy some butcher paper as the outside wrap
- Transfer food unavoidably purchased in plastic to non-plastic container at home - for example transfer lentils, rice, etc. to glass jars
- Continue to search for alternatives to plastic packed food items for example I could take those glass jars to the bulk bins to buy more lentils, rice, etc.

What are your priorities?

Today's Decluttering Items
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