Thursday, February 7, 2013

Reconnecting with "old" friends

Every few years I have a wonderful time reconnecting in person with the woman who was a very close friend in middle school and high school. Neither of us keeps in touch with anyone else from those years but we have made sure this connection lasts. What is remarkable is that we just get together and pick up the conversation like it was yesterday. Of course there are some emails, etc. between in person visits but still I think having that ease of long term friendship is marvelous.

She is at a conference in my city so I picked her up and brought her to my neighborhood to see some of our favorite local places. I picked a Thai restaurant for dinner as I knew that on a Wednesday night it would be quiet enough for us to actually talk and linger over dinner. The food is always great too. Then we walked around the corner to my favorite and local coffee place and chatted more. Hard to believe we met 50 years ago when she moved to my home town! We've both moved around the country since then but find ourselves in each others location occasionally and take advantage of that.

How long have you known your "oldest" friend and do you see each other in person still?


  1. I get in touch with friends, both old and new, every February when I go to Florida. I'm not saying I go mainly for the weather ... but it doesn't hurt. But, seriously, it should be one consideration when you're deciding where to retire.

    1. I'm glad you are able to see friends who live elsewhere each year!