Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Off to a good start with the budget & then off to LA

Yesterday I calculated the additional social security and medicare taxes we will pay in 2013 as rates go back up to 2010 levels plus a bit in terms of medicare taxes (as I understand it). After that hit, I am definately committed to sticking to our budget.

We are leaving bright and early this Friday for a trip to be part of an uncle's 90th birthday celebration with the bonus of seeing both of our sons and their sweeties plus other friends and family members. The trip is mostly paid for (plane tickets and one night hotel) and I checked car rental rates about a week in advance and they had gone down over $100 from the reservation I had made earlier. That should help pay for some fun. This trip we are going to a relatively inexpensive restaurant for our lunch with our sons and their girlfriends and we are going to do a free tour of the Disney Concert Hall as part of exploring the changes in downtown LA and spending one night in a hotel downtown. The rest of the time will be with family.

I did buy a lightweight cross body purse on sale yesterday to take as we will be walking around a lot and my one shoulder still hurts although it is slowly getting better. My physical therapist keeps reminding me that you can only get a frozen shoulder once in each shoulder. The right one happened 10+ years ago and I'm in the midst of the left one. 

Since we are going away, today's grocery shopping was very light and I also resisted the urge to stop at the coffee house for a treat. Picked one up at the store for much less. No more shopping or spending before we leave.

I have to admit that paying for a new dishwasher and installation was not in the plans. We did find one at Lowe's that has great reviews and that was on sale for $100 off. I charged it on 12/31 while their 10% off sale was on and saved an additional $50. Since our old dishwasher had surpassed the average life of dishwashers I think we did ok. It is 15 years old and the average is 9 years. That is why the maintenance budget line exists unfortunately.

I'm doing the laundry so we can pack tomorrow (gotta love 8:30am flights) and making sure all the perishable food is gone or frozen. Have a stack of paperback books to take and need to print out some self-guided walking tour maps for downtown LA to use on Friday afternoon.

Hope to take up some jeans & do some other mending this afternoon. Also MUST WALK DOG!

How is 2013 going for you so far?


  1. Sounds like you'll have a nice time! Crossbodys are great... I always notice a big difference between lugging around a crossbody vs. shoulder purse!! Today i'm slowly working on my "to do" list.. So far 2013 is lukewarm at best. ;) lol!

    1. Our 2013 is lukewarm too what with tax increases and dishwasher replacement. Our trip to see family is what actually has me upbeat!

  2. I started carrying a crossbody when I was first keeping my oldest grandson and needed to have my hands free. Our 2013 is going pretty good. I have already accomplished two of the goals I set for myself. I cooked a pot of dried beans and worked on my daughters quilt.

  3. The big expense hit for us in 2013 is increased medical insurance premiums. But I'm so green with envy -- you get to go to L.A. and see family all at the same time. The perfect vacation! (I'm trying to get my daughter to move to San Diego, so we can go visit her ... I mean, I'm only interested in her welfare, but still ...)