Friday, September 14, 2012

Random acts of kindness

Last Spring I was able to observe a very touching random act of kindness. A man was carefully counting out his money at our used book sale and seemed to be struggling to come up with the approximately $20 to get the books he wanted. Another man who had just finished paying for his selections, handed us a $20 bill and said that he would like to get the books for this person. The recipient was close to tears as he thanked the donor. At the time I thought it was touching.

Yesterday the man in line in front of me at the coffee shop said he would like to buy the drink of the person behind him. He only got a regular coffee; I always get a latte. It felt very uncomfortable to me even though he said it was simply a random act of kindness. I did thank him graciously but it left me wondering about how others feel in these situations.

Have you ever been a recipient of a "random act of kindness" that involved money? If so, how did you feel? Could it have been done in a better way?


  1. I had a group of ladies from another table pick up my bill for breakfast last week. It felt so funny, I am always the one who does things like that!! I did go over and thank them, i'm sure I was beet red. Come to find out they worked with one of our DD's, they wanted to thank me for sending in goodies to share during holiday's. So sweet

  2. Oh boy, those "random acts" can be fun, but also patronizing and embarrassing. You gotta be careful.

    Once last summer I did stop for a man who was collecting returnable bottles by the side of a state road, near the intersection to the Interstate. I gave him $20. He was thrilled . . . but he was also clearly desperate.


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