Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday miscellany

Having started the day with a trip to the vet to address the poodle girl's bright red right ear I thought it might be a good day to post about little things.

- The red ear now has medicine and we have a $94 charge to the vet. Good thing you are such a sweetie Lola.
- The free "Joy of Sax" concert at Emory yesterday afternoon was fabulous. Modern new compositions including one where the composer was there to take a bow. A Mozart piece for oboe changed to saxophone and strings. A jazzy piece. A performance of sax and brass quintet. Such variety and it was all very good only 5 minutes away.
- Wonderful art photos of beautify natural features in Georgia at the art opening we attended Friday night. We even considered buying one - still time to do that if we decide where it would go.
- I decided to take Courtney's Project 333 Quick Start Course because I spend too much time thinking about my clothes! Hope it helps. The irony is that I will spend more time thinking about my clothing for the next few weeks.
- This week I am starting a consulting project, going to visit my Mom and doing all the usual.

Have a great week!

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