Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rainy day blahs

It is pretty dark outside and raining on and off.  I really turn into a slug when it is dreary - something I had to fight through as a young adult living in Seattle for 6 years LOL.  Today I am turning my focus to inside the house.  A bit of cleaning.  Grocery shopping planning.  Drawing.  Play fetch with the poodle princess.  Sounds dreary as I write it!!!

I was going to run an errand to get ready for the next library book sale and check out two thrift/resale shops in my quest to see if there are any that will work for me on a regular basis.  I think I need to get myself out the door after lunch and do those things.

How do you liven up a dreary, rainy day?


  1. I tend to enjoy rainy days here & there... it means we get to enjoy staying in, reading, catching up on stuff, watching tv, movies, relaxing, etc... sometimes we're just on the go so much that I pray for a rainy day! lol!

    1. They can be fun especially with kids around! I am by myself with the dog if I stay at home so it can be too quiet sometimes LOL.


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