Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Today is rather miscellaneous

First a quick update on family - my Mom sounds good, is on strong antibiotics for a serious UTI and bruised from falling but is home and happy about that.  My son and his fiancee are researching what to do about her car after being "rescued" by my other son who drove a long way to get them, take them home and the go back to his home.  They were unable to find any company that would rent them a vehicle one way from where they were to their home.  Hubby is rolling with family stuff better and I am getting us ready for our trip.

The laundry is done, frig will be virtually empty after dinner and dog will go to her vacation boarding spot.  We'll pack tonight and then take it easy.

Otherwise not much happening at Casa Boomer Girl.


  1. Happy to hear things are mostly better. Enjoy your vacation time!

    1. Thanks and we will have a lovely time I'm sure.


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