Friday, July 6, 2012

Do you make iced coffee drinks?

I really, really prefer coffee over tea and love the summer blend iced coffee at my local favorite coffee house and roaster.  I've been making extra coffee in the morning and putting it the frig however so I can have iced coffee in the afternoon.  Sometimes I not only add non-fat milk but also through in a bit of sugar and vanilla to flavor it.  We use a French press to make coffee.

I haven't experimented beyond that and would love some suggestions.  Here are some recipes I found on line but haven't tried.

The Pioneer Woman coffee concentrate approach - I like her suggestion of hazelnut syrup - wonder where you get that?

A simpler approach with hot coffee - this is basically what I do except I hadn't thought to dissolve the sugar in a bit of hot coffee - oh well, I'm trying to cut out added sugar anyway.

Oprah magazine suggests an iced coffee frappe - the added chocolate syrup part sounds good to me!


  1. I'm with you, Juhli... Coffee will always be my first love! ;) lol! I love just black iced coffee, slightly sweetened! Yum!!

  2. My favorite iced coffee right now is two shots of espresso mixed with just a touch of peanut butter syrup and chocolate with skin milk. So yummy! Do you have an espresso machine or pot to try those type of drinks? Cold lattes are so good.

    How big is your French Press? That is my favorite way to make coffee but our pot doesn't produce a lot.

    1. Wow, that espresso mix sounds delicious! No espresso maker here but our French Press is good sized.


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