Friday, June 1, 2012

Update on progress last two months

What?  I forgot to do an update at the end of April?  Oh well, life intervened.  So here is a two month update on progress towards my goals.  Not pretty but it is what it is.

Decluttering: not so much but items left the house - we won't count how many came in LOL.
2012 Goals:
Only buy clothing that is on my list - Yes: sundress, 2 sleeveless tops and yoga capris
Go new places - Morningside Nature Preserve
New volunteer activity - volunteering at Botanical Garden which I will not do next year but at least I tried something new
2012 Financial Plan:
Travel: took a mini-vacation, visited a friend & Mom, paid for half of next family visit plane ticket using frequent flyer miles 
Otherwise: just keeping on except that gift to elderly family members has seriously dented our saving progress so I need to tighten the belt.
2012 House To Do List:
Yard work - still struggling to get estimates & in the meantime we plug away doing what we can
Fix antique chair - found out a friend who may be able to do this for a reduced cost


  1. enjoyed the update!

  2. Great idea doing an update, I must have a look at my goals and see how far I have to go to fulfill them this month.....


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