Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Suggestions for aging well

I've written a few posts about various suggestions and research conclusions related to what it takes to age well.  You may have noticed that I have posted a list over on the sidebar that summarizes the suggestions I have gleaned from these.  The bottom line for me is that you staying emotionally, mentally and physically engaged with life are the keys to a positive life as an older person.  Here are my suggestions.

1. Keep making friends
2. Keep learning
3. Stay current including technology
3. Focus on being happy in the present
4. Have something interesting to talk about
5. Keep moving by exercising daily
6. Initiate and embrace change
7. Fill your days with meaningful activity
8. Give of yourself through volunteering and caring for others

It is not surprising that there is some overlap with my 13 Happiness Commandments.  These are my guidelines LOL.  

What would you add or change?  What is you sense of which will be the most challenging for you - or is currently the most challenging?  I'd really like to hear from everyone who is stopping by.


  1. Get on the floor and play with a child. It is amazing what a session of Legos will do for the brain!

  2. For health wise I'm going to add: don't smoke, keep alcohol to a minimum, avoid white flour/sugar, eat at *least* 5 a day (more is better!), drink water daily!

  3. The most challenging thing for me lately is excercising daily. I started walking in the morning for about 20 minutes and my muscles ached and it made me so tired the first couple of times. With company here on the holiday weekend I didn't get out and walk and now I'm having a hard time getting motivated! Thanks to your blog for helping me stay inspired.

    1. Starting can be the hard part! I read recently though that our bodies adapt in just a few days to hot weather if we exercise outdoors 60 minutes a day. You don't have to walk fast; just walk and enjoy the morning.

  4. Juhli - great list, and thanks for sharing! I might add "Look for the humor in every situation" :)

  5. Very good list...and I love some of the additions in the comments. I would add having a spiritual life too.

    1. That is very important for many people - thanks for mentioning it.


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