Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunday night chit-chat

Sunday Night Chit-Chat! A bit late I know.

I thought I'd try joining in this week.  Thanks to Carla for hosting the Chit Chat!

What are you...
Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Along - I got this book from the library because I am trying to understand my 90 year old Mom's total resistance to living with or even near others even though she is bored and lonely.  I find I am skipping a lot of it and just got to the part on aging alone.
We watched on TV an Indie film from 2000 ( Love's Labour Lost) which combined 1930'smusical theater and Shakespeare's play by the same name with homage to World War II in Europe.  Better than it sounds and oddly Alicia Silverstone was one of the actresses.
Listening to?
The sounds of lots of people eating out.
I took a Knife Skills 101 class and learned a lot after using the wrong knife most of the time for 50+ years.  After all that chopping I didn't want to cook so we went out to dinner.
Happy you accomplished this week? I was able to complete a 4 mile walk which included loose sand without my hip hurting.
Looking forward to next week?
Getting lots more walking in with and without the dog.  Book club where we will be discussing The Hunger Games and having lots of fun socializing.  Getting started on my next consulting assignment. 
Thankful for today?
Waking up with lots of energy!

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