Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Do you check every bill and keep receipts?

We do - or rather, I do.  I keep all of our charge receipts and medical payment receipts to check against bills and insurance claim forms.  We charge almost everything for convenience so this covers most of our spending.  I do track the cash spending but it is a small percentage of our outflow.

Rarely do I find a problem, but when I do usually it is in the medical expense area and always in our favor.  Today I wanted to pay the bill for some of hubby's medical expenses.  He had mistakenly paid a copay for his most recent physical and the clinic had credited that as an insurance overpayment.  It was "only" $20 but a phone call easily got it credited to what we owed and we saved $20. 

I don't enjoy doing this at all but sometimes it pays off.  Have you found errors in billing or credit card statements recently?


  1. Juhli, you are amazing. I do keep all our receipts but haven't figured out why. Thankfully we haven't had any medical bills to worry about because I definitely would be cross-checking on those. But the every day ones...they just collect in little piles that drive me nuts. ~~Bliss

    1. Bliss, I don't keep the small cash ones but since we charge almost everything I keep the charge slips to check against the bill. Then I shred them so they just sit in an envelope until the bill arrives.


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