Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What "stuff" have I bought vs decluttered so far this month?

I'm not following the No/Low Spend Challenge officially this month and we have returned to our usual pattern of eating out at least once a week, I am back going to my favorite coffee shop and otherwise our variable spending is pretty much on food, household items, gasoline and medical expenses.  None of these bring any "stuff" into the house to stay.  So what stuff has come in during the first half of February?

I bought two lightweight short sleeve casual knit shirts for warm weather and I am quite happy with that purchase.  The additional long sleeve shirt for colder weather is the same shirt I have in different colors so that should work out well too.  Add on some pairs of wicking socks for walking in warm weather and they were all good purchases.

I also bought two used cookbooks to learn more about the best kind of meals for someone who has just crossed the blood sugar line into pre-diabetes as hubby tested that way and also for hypothyroidism at his last physical.  The second round of lab tests put him out of the pre-diabetes range but higher on the hypothyroid issue.  Until he sees a specialist who knows what is going on but the recipes should be good for us anyway and help us tweak our already healthy diet to be even better.

My least favorite purchase was a large ice pack to put on my hip for 15 minutes after doing my PT exercises.  It is currently taking up most of the top shelf in the freezer part of the frig.  Lovely thought isn't it, LOL?

On the decluttering side just a couple of miscellaneous items. 

When it gets warmer I need some wicking sleeveless shirts and shorts for walking, shorts and/or skirts for everyday as well as replacing sleeveless tops for the same, a nice pair of summer slacks with matching nice tops and light jacket or summer sweater, and some more flats and sandals.  I am finally embracing the fact that we have lots of warm very, very hot (and humid) weather and going forward will be focusing my clothing purchases to match that.   I'll never grow to love the weather but I can get clothes that help me cope LOL.


  1. If I lived in a similar climate, the right warm weathered clothes would be of HIGH importance. It sounds like you have a good plan for purposeful buying in the future.

    1. Bliss - I hope my buying list helps. I'll never love the hot humid weather but I can make it more tolerable.

  2. I love used cookbooks too, they're always the best!! :)

    1. Carla - I wish you could come to one of our Friend's of the Library used book sales then. We receive hundreds of cookbooks as donations - and they are one of the best selling items.


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