Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January successes and February targets

I decided to consolidate my updates so here is how the year is going so far.  Overall I think January was a pretty good month!  February will focus on my Boost Your Energy Challenge and making more 2012 Plan progress

Decluttering - January saw a slow down in this area with only 12 items out the door along with some electronic decluttering.  I'm not sure how much more I really want to let go of at this time but will keep at it albeit at a slower pace.

Boost Your Energy Challenge - The two additional exercise classes I had signed up for were cancelled.  In addition I am having a problem with one leg that hopefully some visits to a physical therapist will fix.  I am walking the dog more and continuing weekly Pilates sessions and doing better on healthy snacks.  I have been much more physically active and am sleeping better as a result and feel more energetic.

Low/No Spend Challenge - I participated in Carla's challenge for two weeks instead of a month.  Overall I think it went well but I learned it is very difficult to keep our grocery/drinks/toiletries/household goods spending at the targeted amount and that I really like my habit of going out for coffee LOL.

2012 Plan Progress - 12 for 2012
1) Only buy clothing that is on my list - only bought 1 pair of socks! 
3) Reach & maintain target weight - lost 1/2 pound
5) Try 4 new restaurants in my city - tried Malysian food 
6) Take a class - signed up for a Knife Skills cooking class in Feb. 
9) DONE: Try a month of theme cooking  - January was soup "month"
10) DONE: Find a new, fun volunteer activity - Signed up to volunteer at the Atlanta Botanical Garden starting in April
11) Follow my 2012 financial plan - earned $50 credit towards health care expenses by completing an online health survey, maxed out our ROTH IRAs, took a trip to see family and kept on doing the ongoing items
12) Complete House To Do List -We checked 2 1/2 items off of our house to do list although one was by default as we decided a large tree did not need removal at this time.  Since one item got done by not doing anything, I'm making my list a baker's dozen and adding (13) get antique chair fixed.


  1. This looks like a great challenge. I have been trying to declutter and "work" on not spending.

    1. Carrie - Thanks for commenting. I checked out your blog and love your creativity!


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