Saturday, February 11, 2012

Going someplace new in my town

We just got back from a fascinating (yet cold - we have our first wintery day today) artist studio walk in a nearby area of town that we have never explored.  They call it Rail Arts District studio walk because it is an old light industrial area of a town next to the tracks in a small town (suburb of Atlanta) called Avondale Estates.

I had lovely conversations with several female artists - one, Su Abbott, a self taught painter of abstract art who is surprised to have become an artist at all; the link takes you to one of my favorite of her works on display today.  Another just back from a very successful gallery show in New York with one coming up in Key West and then Switzerland and a partially finished commissioned piece on her work table; no more art festivals for her.

We also so lots of unexpected little surprises.  A frame shop where they are building a wooden hulled boat in the lobby; show up any Wednesday at 7:30 and you can work on it too.  A meat shop where they make their own sausage on site.  A drumming circle - just sit down and join in.  A food truck selling great tamales.  A small bakery with an artist showing intricately painted rolling pins and bowls.  Did you know the rolling pin with moving handles was invented in 1884 by John W. Reed, an African-American?  We also stopped by The Beer Growler where you buy a refillable bottle (2 sizes to pick from) and then bring it in to purchase your selection from an unusual list of beers.

I wouldn't know about any of this if I hadn't headed out to someplace I had never been! And I made progress on one of my 12 in 2012 goals - 4) Go 4 new places in my city - only 3 to go.


  1. Sounds like a fun intresting day! I am adding go to 4 new places in my city to my want to do list. What a great ieda!!

  2. Debby, I'll be looking forward to hearing where you end up going! It is so easy to only do the familiar.

  3. LOVE this! I may have to add this to mine as well! ;)

    1. Sharon, It is fun looking for ideas of not only places to go but activities that we really like. So many places to explore.

  4. Gave you a blog award today, its on my Sunday post


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