Saturday, December 3, 2011

What do you buy on-line to save money or aggravation?

I just placed an on-line order for 6 months of "Teenie Greenies" treats for our dog for a price I could never get at a pet store.  I even found a discount code for an additional $5 off and there was free shipping.  On the other hand when we needed to get more of her special shampoo I found it was the same price or a little less to buy it from a locally owned shop.  This got me thinking about what I already buy via the internet vs. shopping at local businesses or chain stores.

The items purchased on-line at a savings recently were a supply of specialty furnace filters, books, and printer ink.  I also ordered Christmas and birthday gifts that were on wish lists that came complete with links listed.  I didn't save any money on those but I didn't have to drive around to get them either and I was able to send them home wrapped with the recipients after Thanksgiving so there was a saving on postage.  Most of our shopping is for consumable items for ourselves, the dog, or our home so we go to the store for those.

I have started considering though what else we could buy on-line less expensively and really would like to hear what others are doing.


  1. I like to buy things online to save myself the hassle. I can find exactly what I want and get it shipped to someone else without having to take it home, pack it up and take it to the post office. It is very convenient. If I am shopping for clothes, I will go to the store so I can try things on. I hate to buy clothes online and then have to ship them back if they don't work. In that case it is more of a hassle to shop online!

  2. I love ordering online. The only thing we really haven't ordered online is groceries (although I do buy canned tomatoes online). For some reason I don't like driving and searching for things. I like typing a few keystrokes and having it delivered right to our door. ;)! If only I could get dog food delivered for free!

  3. Sharon, have you checked out 1800PetMeds? They sell food and have free shipping on orders over $39.

    Spenwisemom - I so agree about clothes but I also find it frustrating to shop for them in person. I wish women's clothes sizes were more consistent.


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